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Commitment.  Teamwork.  Results.  The Capadona Law Firm, Ltd. focuses on these values in providing the highest quality commercial legal services to its clients.

A Different Approach

After having worked in a firm with the large firm mentality, Kristopher A. Capadona founded the Capadona Law Firm, Ltd. upon a simple principle, a commitment to working hand in hand with its clients to obtain the best possible result.  Its the firm's dedication to working with the client, rather than working for the client, that sets the Capadona Law Firm, Ltd. apart.


Effective communication with the client is just as important as the legal knowledge and expertise provided to the client.  Effective client service, truly listening and communicating with the client and coordinating an effective legal strategy based upon the input of the client and the legal issue involved, is the hallmark of the Capadona Law Firm, Ltd.  A client's needs are seen as an opportunity to showcase these values in order to earn a lasting relationship, rather than an opportunity to add billable hours.


The Capadona Law Firm, Ltd. is also committed to providing the highest possible legal expertise.  While effective client services are important to building a lasting relationship, these relationships are also built on a trust in effective results.  No issue is either too big, or too small, to be handled by the Capadona Law Firm, Ltd. with a degree of expertise that exceeds expectations.  


The Capadona Law Firm, Ltd. serves businesses, institutions commercial entities, and individuals throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area - from Chicago to the collar counties. 



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